Auburn Organization That Helps Women Get Back on Their Feet is Hoping to Expand

Aug 31, 2018 | News

by: Olivia DeGennaro

AUBURN — Hundreds of women and children in our region are getting off the streets and getting a second chance at life thanks to an organization called Acres of Hope.
It’s a village of tiny homes that offers more than just a place to sleep.

“When I got here, I was homeless. I didn’t have a job. I was clean and sober and working a program, but I still had debt,” recovery specialist Breanna Bowman said. “I lost everything due to my addiction.”

Every woman who lives here has a story similar to Breanna’s.

“My life walking in and walking out is a complete transformation,” she said.

The goal of Acres of Hope is to help homeless women and children get back on their feet.

“To give them the opportunity to have a home where they can step out of survival mode and then start doing the real hard work of transformation,” Executive Director Lisa Risdal said.

Families can stay for up to two years, but the group provides more than just a roof over their heads. It gives women and children the tools they need to start over and lead healthier lives.

“Everything from cleaning up credit reports, reunifying with children, getting their education, getting job skills, learning to cook, learning to clean, and also being able to have the opportunity to work on the internal stuff as well so that they’re better postured to be successful,” Risdal said.

Acres of Hope currently houses 10 families, but is looking to expand.

“We just need more cottages,” Risdal said. “There are women out there that are ready to come in and do the hard work and we just need to give them the space to do it.”

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Credit to: Fox 40 News
Published: Aug 31, 2018 / 11:36 PM