How Acres of Hope Changes Lives

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Acres of Hope aims to create a foundation of change for both women and children residents. Our balanced approach focuses on the spiritual, emotional, and physical needs of our residents to help them overcome their circumstances and build positive life long habits.

To date, we have helped numerous women and children overcome homelessness most of which never have an issue with housing again.

Stories of Hope from Women & Children

Read the true stories of women and children who have come through Acres of Hope. Each story is unique and provides a window into the world of these women and children.

Helping me to turn on desire to be a good parent and to be a part of it. Gift of grace and patience with kids, have kids in routine and schedule – focus on kids and desires to be committed to kids has been turned on.

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Acres of Hope Videos, News & More

Check out our videos, podcast, images and news pieces to see Acres of Hope at work!

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Podcasts of Hope

Listen to our podcasts on a range of topics about faith and the work we do at Acres of Hope!

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Video Gallery

Watch our videos showcasing stories of hope.

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Seeds of Hope

Seeds of Hope: Daily Devotionals by Acres of Hope.

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View the news and media stories about Acres of Hope.

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Photo Gallery

Check out our photo gallery for images of our facility and past residents.

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Get involved to help improve the lives of homeless women and children!

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