Tell Me, Show Me: An Acres of Hope Poem

Tell me I'm loved, and I'll show you I can succeed

Show me the way, and I'll walk the path to achieve

Things beyond my wildest dreams

For it's how I'll start to believe in me

Throw me a rope and help me out of the cycles

Of brokenness, homelessness and I'll remove the labels and titles

That say I can't make it or be more than where I've been

Help me have stable ground and I'll show you we can breathe again

Then comes the moment when it's time to let go

That will be the point in time where my actions will let you know

That you told me the ways of Truth, and showed me the ways of Life

It will be the instant when I walk out of the cycle of homelessness into everlasting hope and light. 

You told me, You Showed me, and now We are set to thrive

My family is renewed, and we are joining the fight of transforming lives.