Sledgehammer: An Acres of Hope Series - part 3

Is not my word like a fire the Lord's declaration like a sledgehammer that pulverizes a rock. Jeremiah 23:29

"I can now see I was always meant to be free! I don't know how I ever allowed the darkness of this world to snuff out my hope. Yet I have hope now, Acres of Hope. I can no longer dwell behind the walls of my past trauma, addictions, brokenness and fear. It is time to tear down the wall and never look back. The cycle of homelessness has been broken. My family is safe, and we can move forward into a life renewed by the transformation that has happened at Acres of Hope."                A Woman of Acres of Hope

The mother loaded with guilt and shame, silenced by fear and doubt now stands tall. The child who would duck behind a chair hoping not to be seen can no longer wait to be held and comforted in love and attention. The moment freedom sprouts forth for Acres of Hope families, is the instant they decide they don't want to return back to the patterns they have held in the past. The bricks of trauma that hardened their hearts were let go. The walls built up to protect them from the dangers of life they no longer hide behind. Now it is time to tear them down. They are tearing through the doubts and dysfunction like sledgehammers to a brick wall. Each opportunity to succeed and move forward is another swing at the pain they have faced in their lives.

The provisions supplied at Acres of Hope are multiple sledgehammer swings to the walls that hid the wonderful women and children of Acres of Hope. The cottage homes provided for 2 years to Acres of Hope families are a swing at instability. The counseling provided is a swing at emotional wounds and trauma being passed on to the next generation. The provision of quality childcare, is a swing at children being placed in unsafe circumstances or environments. A community of loving support and accountability is a swing at being surrounded by negative influences and potential dangers. Each day Acres of Hope is equipping women and children to take Spiritual, Physical, and Emotional sledgehammers to the walls that kept them in the cycle of trauma and homelessness. 

You can be a part of the change for women and children tearing down the walls. 

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