The Second Time Around

"See, I am doing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland." Isaiah 43:19

        Something new has been happening at Acres of Hope. The women have a gleam in their eyes. The children squeal with glee. Morning devotion time is filled with stories of renewal. New goals are being set. Flowers are blossoming, and children are too. Kids once crawling are now taking their first steps. Kids once drinking milk are now beginning to chew. Moms once fearful are now diving deep into the process of transformation. New families have arrived, as others prepare to graduate. Graduates have already blossomed and returned to society benefiting their communities as successful women and mothers.

         Lives are transforming right before our eyes. God is producing a great harvest here at Acres of Hope. The most beautiful thing of all is our women are getting second chances. They are seeing the world from a different perspective. A woman who once craved a six pack of beer, is now bringing her child six packs of banana milk.  The mom who once thought she was alone, now has a large loving community surrounding her. The child who only could express anger is learning to use his words. Most importantly hearts that never knew God, are coming to understand who He is. 

       As our Acres of Hope families begin to face the world again through the eyes of renewal, they will approach it different. This second time around they know they have community, accountability, support and love. They have the tools they need to succeed. They have an anchor for their souls. God is doing a new thing at Acres of Hope, and the second time around will be better than before.

Acres of Hope - breaking the cycle - the last program these families will ever need.


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