It Takes Courage: To Listen

Coming close enough to hear a story that gives you a behind the scene look into someone's life is important. It can tear down strongholds that come from biases, stereotypes, and the many other things that brings mankind to a place of judgment over what God calls us to, which is discernment, and coming to the aid of those who need our help. The difference between discernment and judgment is discernment is the ability to analyze with the intention of bringing forth the best response and circumstance from the knowledge gleaned, judgment is the ability to gain knowledge in order to criticize, condemn, and tear down. Many people hold judgments without ever coming close enough to get the behind the scenes tales. There are so many people I have come across in my life who have received judgment before anyone even took time came close to understand the how's and why's a person ended up in the situations they were in. 

The heart who can listen is the heart who can make changes for the better. When one comes close enough to listen they can learn how they can help, why there is a need for help, listening can change lives. 

Many people fear coming close enough to hear hard stories, they fear they cannot fix what has broken a heart, fear it will be to big for them to handle, fear it tearing away at happiness, when in reality to listen is to create intimacy, awareness, and change. 

At Acres of Hope each day we see Workers, Volunteers, Moms coming close enough to listen, to bring change, to bring healing, to show they care. 

In a world who fears listening, may we be a people who will listen. 

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