Leaving Grandma's House

“Acres of Hope is a safe and stable place where women and children can heal from the hurts that have left them vulnerable. We look at each family individually. Recognizing that safety and security are ultimately found in Jesus, we present Him as the solution to their pain while accepting them where they are in their journey.”

For Austin and Margaret their journey into homelessness left them separated. Margaret met Austin’s dad when she was 19 years old plunging into a life of drugs and risky behavior. During a time of being misplaced, Margaret was surviving on the streets. One day at a local park she came across a young man who loved to spend hours talking to her about the conditions of the world. After much dialogue and time Margaret became involved with Austin’s dad, and eventually gave birth to her beautiful little boy. Austin was 3 years old when he began roaming the streets with his mother. They survived by couch surfing, sleeping in public bathrooms, and abandoned buildings. Finally after visiting her mother, Margaret decided to give Austin a fighting chance at a real life. She asked her mother to take in Austin while she searched for a place to change her life. Austin spent 2 years living at his Grandma’s house, while Margaret roamed through shelters and work centers trying to find a way to change her circumstances. Eventually Margaret showed up to walk through the doors of Acres of Hope.

Austin had been placed in the custody of his grandmother for 2 years. Yet now that Margaret had a place to call her own at Acres of Hope, she was ready to do the work to bring her son home. Austin was moved back into his mother’s care when he was 5 years old. He began to adjust at Acres of Hope as his mom began setting up their lives. When preschool started Austin was showing needs in the (social/emotional) assessments as well as showing a lower level of development for his age . While homeless his mother was struggling to manage both their needs and emotional changes. Coming to Acres of Hope Margaret stated she was overwhelmed with filling a parent’s role. She didn’t know where to begin with getting Austin on a schedule, enforcing discipline, showing affection, and just basic parenting skills. We listened and revealed our program is here to give support to the family as a whole. Books, articles, suggestions, meetings, and community resources were given. Acres of Hope family support specialists, mentors, and volunteers from the community gave her tools to succeed.

In working with Margaret we were able to identify and build on the skills she did have and empower her to be an expert in raising her child. Margaret takes every opportunity to be active and involved in her child’s education, fully participating in the many offered activities to grow her child. Through time Margaret has shown a desire to continue improving, and working hard to be a model for her child. Today Austin is meeting and exceeding the age appropriate milestones. The family is engaged and growing in leaps and bounds.

Austin was able to leave his grandmother’s house and return to his mother’s care. Margaret was able to become and retain being the strong, healthy, and stable mother Austin needs.

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