She Has Only Known Hope

Her little hands reach out accepting attachment. Her eyes sparkle with trust. Her tiny mouth turns up into a smile. The sounds of gurgling, and the new formations of grunts, and attempts at speaking fills the air. She came to us as a little bundle of cuteness. Today as I glance upon her little face, the words that keep repeating in my mind are, β€œshe has only known hope.”

When she arrived with her mother at Acres of Hope they were surrounded by support, and stability. In her early days of life, she knew what it felt like to sleep in safety and warmth. She had quality food to put in her little stomach to help her grow. Her mother was able to provide for her the proper care she needed to be a baby filled with joy.

At Acres of Hope it is one of the greatest blessings to be able to say, a child has only known hope. The reason is for many they have already been affected when they arrive by the effects of trauma, and homelessness. Some taken into foster care systems, or living in unstable conditions. Yet when a child comes either in the womb, or in the earliest stages of their lives, we can be sure that the child that enters through our doors, only knows hope. As the staff answers the phone daily for the women and children waiting to find their refuge, and place to transform and renew their lives we pray to continue to grow in the provision. We pray that God will allow us to see more and more children come to know life can be full of hope.

To join us in allowing children to only know hope,

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