When Homelessness Ends

The chain of a swing rattling with each glide through the air. The squeals of children laughing as they race around the track in Redemption Park on their bicycles. Pasta sauce smeared across the face of a young child learning to eat big kid foods. The quick feet of a mother racing in to proclaim the victory of getting her drivers license, repairing her credit, getting her first car, or better yet, the approval of her own first home.

At Acres of Hope something amazing is happening. The cycle of homelessness is ending. You can see it in the children’s faces. You see it in a mother’s jubilant stroll. You see it in the women that no longer hold their head down as they pass by. Instead they look you in the eyes as they tell you their most recent success. This is new life, this is hope.

We recently have watched mothers branch out and move into their own homes. They have launched forward with their friendships intact with other moms who have gone before them. These families are plugged into church. Mothers have jobs and can provide for their children. They are radiating life and light to those who are here at Acres of Hope just beginning their process of renewal. The beauty of seeing the moments when homelessness ends, is the precious time when you are able to know God is still at work today transforming and redeeming lives.

At Acres of Hope homelessness is ending. The cycles of dysfunction are being broken. Lives are renewed and transformed. You can see for yourself how homelessness is ending at Acres of Hope. Schedule a tour, and see how God’s mighty hand is at work changing lives.

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