Just Let Me Hide

“Complexly traumatized children need to be helped to engage their attention in pursuits that do not remind them of trauma-related triggers and that give them a sense of pleasure and mastery. Safety, predictability, and "fun" are essential for the establishment of the capacity to observe what is going on, put it into a larger context, and initiate physiological and motoric self-regulation.”
Sarah Benamer, Trauma and Attachment

Just let me hide because I'm scared
Don't even try, don't even dare
To approach me, because I don't trust
Don't dare speak to me, it might all seem like to much
Don't reach out for me, I will cower away
Don't make eye contact, that's to much for today
If it's time to eat, let me hide with my food
Don't interrupt me, or that might seem rude
Don't ask about my scowl,
Or why I may growl
Just let me hide
I'm only five
This world has been to loud, it's been to much
Just let me hide until I can trust
That you are safe.

It's a journey, and a process that our children walk through to heal, and renew their young lives. They do not come in and become whole in a day. Acres of Hope staff, volunteers, and mentors work hard to take a child who comes in filled with fear and a lack of trust, to a point where they know they are safe and loved. We are no ordinary place, we are empowered by God.

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