Stingrays: Becoming Real

He gasped when he saw them. Stingrays? They are real, he thought to himself. He had never even considered the possibility that these amazing creatures could exist beyond the TV screen. He watched Finding Nemo at every chance he could get. He was always mesmerized by “Mr. Ray” a cartoon protector of the children of the sea. That’s all he wanted was protection for him and his mom. He found comfort in thinking there might be a place where protection is found. Perhaps he and his mom could become a part of a community. For him his hope was in a fictional cartoon character. A hope unvoiced, until the day his eyes revealed all, on a trip to the aquarium when he was staring at real life stingrays.

His eyes were filled with wonder. His tiny hands planted against the wall. He stared through the glass at the water as the stingrays weaved and danced between one another. Every now and then a small smirk and a little chuckle would escape and fill up the room with joy. This was the moment when a fictional story that brought a young boy hope was transformed into something real. It was no longer just a movie, or a dream. Instead it was something alive, inspiring hope right before his eyes.

“Mommy”, he whispered, “this is real”. His mother came close and knelt down beside him. “It is isn’t it”, she replied with a small chuckle.

At Acres of Hope every single day, women and their children find out that the things in their life that seemed only a fictional dream are actually becoming realities. For the mother dreaming of having a home of her own, a dream becomes real. For the child wanting to have friends and live in a safe and stable environment, this becomes real. For the family that wants to break old cycles and live in a new found freedom, they find out that life is a reality.

For one child recently visiting an aquarium, stingrays were found to be real. At Acres of Hope for women and children wanting to break the cycles of homelessness, they have the opportunity to see that reality fulfilled.

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