What They Are Facing

Without physical and mental stability, holding down a job and supporting a family just isn’t possible. Research shows more than half of homeless mothers experience mental health challenges, such as depression and anxiety. And the trauma their children face can potentially spell a lifetime of devastation. The staff at Acres of Hope works tirelessly to support families so they can overcome the effects of trauma and dysfunction so they can make giant strides towards self-sufficiency.

Being a mother comes with a lot of responsibility. And because a majority of our clients became mothers in their teens, a lack of support and parenting skills is simply the norm for them. That’s why parenting education is at the core of the support we provide. As mothers progress through the program, additional assistance becomes available so they can commit fully to employment readiness. Through housing, transportation, and a comprehensive and coordinated program for children, families are able to enjoy a support structure during their recuperation with the eventual goal of becoming independent.

Along with Acres of Hope Staff, volunteers are a huge part of the success of Acres of Hope for families. Due to the support of the community of volunteers we are able to help provide career guidance, high school education and diploma assistance, financial literacy, job readiness, computer literacy, and in-house employment training. As a result, mothers end up more than prepared to embark on the path towards a successful career.

When a mother and her children arrive at Acres of Hope they are facing so many obstacles to overcome. Yet with the support of an amazing community of staff and volunteers lives are being changed.

If you would like to join the community that is changing lives,

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