Desperate Situations

He said to me, “I have a place that you can stay for the night, and I’ll buy you some dinner”. My mind said run away, but somehow my feet kept walking forward.

It is common for young people facing homelessness to be sexually active, including those who practice survival sex or are trafficked for sex, and they are at higher risk of pregnancy. Knowing they have no safe, stable place to care for and raise their children compounds their already traumatic test of daily survival.

Yet, pregnant or parenting women experiencing homelessness find there are few options for safe shelter and services for them. They need everything—food, clothing, shelter, medical care, and safety, plus education, vocational training, and life skills to achieve a secure future for themselves and their children.

Care is critical. Without it, their children are at higher risk for a range of issues, from developmental delays to repeated bouts of homelessness as they grow older, and the young mothers themselves go untreated for the trauma and other issues that drove them to and have kept them homeless.

At Acres of Hope women and their children can stop making choices in desperation. They no longer have to compromise what their instincts are telling them to simply try to survive. At Acres of Hope we help mother’s leave desperate situations, to dwell where they can be safe, loved, and have stability.

You can be a part of helping women and children know they can leave desperate situations so they can experience a life of hope and freedom.

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