Kaleidoscope Of Hope

Kaleidoscope: an instrument that reveals a succession of changing phases or actions , typically viewed through a small view that is revealed through light’s reflection.

The idea of a Kaleidoscope reminds me so much of being here at Acres of Hope. You see for a person to get to know the story behind the scenes of a woman and her children, and how they ended up homeless, a person must come close enough to see their story. Similar to a Kaleidoscope you have to come close enough to take a look inside thru the tiny peep hole to see the true treasure held inside. There is beauty inside each family that arrives here at Acres of Hope. Yet, just like a Kaleidoscope, there is the beautiful remnant of many shattering’s, that created such beauty. Each mother and child has faced their trials. They search for Hope, and they radiate a desire to change. Lift your Kaleidoscope to the light and the beautiful colors will shimmer and shift, leaving a person in breathless beauty. Just as much is the family, striving to climb out of the dark places of their lives, to find light and hope.

The women and children of Acres of Hope need you on Thursday, May 2nd - the 2019 Big Day of Giving - to show them beauty can come out of the shattering’s. That light can break through and reveal that their lives can be changed. Also that you are the ones willing to come close enough to see them, hear their stories, and believe that something beautiful can happen in and through them.

Help us break the cycle of homelessness for women and children and show them that beauty can come out of the shattering’s of life.

Visit: acresofhopeonline.org or Call 530-878-8030