The Witness

I know he witnessed me, when he couldn’t sleep

I was sprawled out on the kitchen floor

Directing my fingers to not grab more

As I was captured by his eyes

My mouth too dry to say baby don’t cry

I know he witnessed me when what he needed

Was a mom who would show up to his kindergarten class and see his achievements

Instead I filled him with my lies

Ignored the silence when he saw the deception in my eyes

I went to my bedroom and I cried

I know he witnessed me, when they took him away

He reached out for my hands saying mama stay

As the cold cuffs hugged my wrists

I looked at my little boy asking, how it came to this

I sat in that car and I cried

But then he witnessed me, when I fought to change my life

I looked into his eyes and said no more addiction, alright

I went to Acres of Hope and renewed my life

Reunified with my child, so we no longer cried

I give him my best, and each day I try

To share with him the love, I feel deep inside

So that he can witness me, no longer in despair

But rather a woman who is strong and filled with hope, he’ll have a mom who loves and cares.

Watch him witness me.