A Child's Voice: You're Safe Now

I was scared, but only because I was confused.

I wished someone could tell me what was happening.

I wished they would tell me I was safe.

I need you to show me, that I can trust.

Let me know that it is safe to open up again.

Tell me it is okay to let you in.

Show me you wont let me down.

Show me that I can reveal me.

Show me that I can seek you out for help.

I need to know you will catch me when I fall.

Show me that I will get through this.

Let me know you will always be there to help me.

I need you to love me.

Reveal to me, show me, and tell me, that it is okay to come out of hiding.

You will show me I’m safe now, and I will say I’m done hiding.

A child’s journal

At Acres of Hope children go through true transformation. Their hearts experience the security they need to open again, and to trust. We watch children go from hiding to healing. The true of measure of success is when a child can trust again.

Won’t you join us in the mission of transforming lives, and breaking the cycles of homelessness and the issues that have led to it.

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