In The Eyes Of A Homeless Child

The Diary of Jeremy age 9

In the eyes of a homeless child

We see a soul asking if I’m worth the while

The question in his eyes

Lying down in the backseat of a car on a clothes pile

He says, I gather them all around me, cause it keeps me warm

Mama gets us bagels from the bakery that are stale or torn

The holes in my clothes remind me I’m alive

Cause when the chill runs through them, I shiver for awhile

It’s how we survive

Everyone tells me I’m wise for my age

No one knows I don’t want to be, mama says this won’t be a chapter, it’s just a page

All I know is I’ve seen mama cry on many days

In my heart I question is this really just a phase

Another day passes, and another tear falls

I can’t wait til I’m old enough to take care of us all

Right now I’m too young, I just hope to grow

Sometimes I wonder if me and my mom will make it, or if we will travel to where the people in heaven go.

I’m just a kid, trying to survive, trying to live

Just hoping that somehow we’ll make it out of the car, and to a place where we can make the most of it.

One day I’ll see my mama’s face with no tears to cry

Yet today I still see the world through the eyes of a homeless child.

At Acres of Hope children no longer see the view of the world as a homeless child. They know the joy of love, support, safety, and transformation. For the child who prays for a place of refuge, there is hope. Acres of Hope.

To change the vision of a child seeking to end their cycle of homelessness,

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