Second Chances: A Mother's Courage to Hope

Alone, it’s like a cold, dark, blank hospital room. At least for me it is. I reached out over the phone only to hear my ex-husband’s dark solemn voice. My relatives were at his home, they were peering over my newborn. My heart was ripping, cracking, as if in a million scatterings across the floor. I pumped milk, which was liquid gold to me. It was the sole gift I had left to give my son. It broke me to have it all dumped away. Regret and guilt entered my soul. This was just another day. Filled with deep sadness, and confusion, making me question my life.

This was my first holiday as a mother, spent away from my son. I was locked away in a mental health facility. I felt not only the pain of separation, but also I felt the remnants of a brutal beating from my ex-husband. Feeling distraught, I was still grateful to have my life.

I remember thinking, there must be more than this.

Five years later, at Acres of Hope, Thanksgiving held so many new blessings. Gratefulness had gone from a distant concept to a new attitude. It was as if my silent, uncried prayers were answered. I had the evidence of God’s great love for me in a new holiday experience, with my son and daughter. I am gaining confidence in my ability to be a mother, and given opportunities to grow.

I am not alone. Through second chances, I have found a new life of hope.

The mothers at Acres of Hope each have a story to tell. Some tell stories of abandonment, some of neglect, some of abuse, some of addiction. Each story opens our eyes to the need for renewal. Each story is an opportunity for God to transform a life. He is doing just that, lives are changing, women and their children are finding hope. Each family experiences a second chance at life.

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