Healthy Choices Produce Healthy Lives

The scene was beautiful. The sun was shining in brightly through the window. A baby carrot rolled across the counter to the floor. “Uh Oh”, a little voice declared. At that very moment a young boy marched into the kitchen, with his mother’s hand attached to his. “Up here mom, the apple, please”. His mother knew exactly what to do, she grabbed the apple, and peanut butter, and the little boy’s dream of a great snack time came true. Healthy choices, made by healthier moms was being established at Acres of Hope.

It’s amazing to watch women and their children grow stronger and wiser in making healthy choices that will impact their lives. Each day at Acres of Hope women are learning new life skills and practical skills, so they have the tools they need to make the choices that will help them thrive as they renew their lives. To see families go from homeless to independent strong mothers and children is a powerful story to watch unfold. Mothers who read their children stories at night before bed. Women who know the importance of sending their children off to school prepared for success with backpacks full of completed homework and nutritious snacks. Mothers who step out confidently into the workforce and shine brightly in their field of employment. Children once timid and fearful, lacking proper social and behavioral skills, who are now thriving in their fellowship of friends at school and home. Ultimately the reward of these healthy choices are revealed in Acres of Hope alumni who are living in their own homes. This is the evidence of the transformative power of Acres of Hope. Healthy choices produce healthy lives.

To be a part of seeing families make healthy choices

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