The Evidence

A smile from a child who once screamed at the idea of being touched. A mother learning self defense after experiencing domestic abuse. A family finding their way out of homelessness after a long cycle of running from program to program to find refuge. This is Acres of Hope.

Acres of Hope is changing lives each and every day. Your support has been a key factor in seeing women and children climb out from the dark places they have seen in their lives, into the light of hope. Recently Acres of Hope has experienced new babies born, watched as babies have started walking, and advancing in talking. Acres of Hope cottages are overflowing with families are growing stronger. Mothers are stepping into the work force. Some are finishing their education. Mothers are achieving full reunification rights with their children. Alumni have created a community of support and connection with the current residents and their peers. They come to share their stories, connect residents to job openings, and encourage families to keep going. Acres of Hope is having a huge impact on lives because of your support.

In the process of sharing all this great news of how Acres of Hope is breaking the cycle of homelessness, we always want to remind all of our great supporters of the need of continued help. We have a full house at Acres of Hope of lives being transformed. Yet there is a waiting list of women and children still hoping for a life of transformation. Your impact has been piercing through the darkness of those who have been, and are currently going through the process of renewal at Acres of Hope.

Today I would like you to read a letter from Acres of Hope alumni Jennifer. Jennifer’s family has been transformed because of your care. Jennifer wants you to know just how much your love is appreciated. Click the link below, to read Jennifer’s letter to you. Also take time to watch her video about what it was like for her and Gio, to find their own strength to stand.

The evidence of your support in transforming lives cannot be denied.

Jennifer’s Letter to You

Jennifer & Gio’s VIDEO