You Don't Have To Do That Anymore

“Don't fear, for I have redeemed you; I have called you by name; you are Mine.” Isaiah 43:1

They ran quickly into the little yellow playhouse. The giggles were loud, the children’s speed remarkable. Some made it in, some weren’t quite fast enough to step inside before the barricade went up. Among the youngsters who made it inside was a little girl and a young boy, whose impact on my heart is still beating strong as I write to you today. The little boy quickly began grabbing items to barricade the door. “Quick Quick” he yelled, as he put up a mesh foldable tent up against the door. “We have to keep the bad guys out”, the young boy screamed. The little girl, listening to the kids on the other side of the makeshift wall of protection looked at the young boy and said, “We are safe here, you don’t have to do that anymore.” She took the corner of the blockade and pulled it down, and said, “Look they’re safe”.

Watching the children’s interaction revealed the power of what is happening at Acres of Hope. Each and everyday that story is played out in the reality of our women and children. The blockades, and walls of protection to survive are coming down. The shifting eyes of mistrust are turning into glistening eyes of joy. The scars are healing, the emotional trauma is being overcome by the words of truth spoken into identities. Self esteem is growing, most importantly safety and stability are declaring to Acres of Hope women and children, that they don’t have to live in their old ways anymore. They are free to walk out into the light of joy. A child’s play is even more beautiful when you can see it through the eyes of Hope!!

At Acres of Hope we are transforming the lives of women and children breaking the cycle of homelessness. You can get involved.

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