Redemption Park: Transforming kids with fun

At Acres of Hope there is a beautiful place where little lives are being transformed, Redemption Park. Redemption Park is a part of the Acres of Hope campus where children can go and have a renewed experience of healthy play, and interaction with others. For many children coming out of homelessness, the idea of park has different meanings. Park may have been a place of trauma, drug usage, or a hangout when a person has nowhere else to go. Instead of focusing on playtime, a child may be focused on where mama is and what is happening to her. 

Many children when they arrive to Acres of Hope and experience Redemption Park for the first time, are in a daze, they are looking for somewhere to hide, or are looking for their mom to make sure she is safe. However after those first couple of days pass, you hear the transformation begin to take place. "Mom let's go to the park", screams a child. The scene is beautiful, boys racing their little trikes and bikes around the miniature raceway. The sound of chains singing out from a child soaring on the swing set. The laughter erupting as children go speeding down the slide. Competitions had on the monkey bars and climbing arenas. Giggles coming out from the play tunnel. The transformation is priceless. 

Redemption Park like all the other areas of Acres of Hope is a place that helps women and children know that they are really breaking the cycle of homelessness to live out a life of hope. 

Won't you join us in transforming lives.

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