I Am Free To Be A Kid: An Acres of Hope Poem

Hear me run, jump, and play

See me defy the odds each day

Statistics were against me

Labels sought to define me

Trauma was a test

But today you can call me blessed

You see each day I am learning what it means to be free

To come out from all the hiding to show the world the gift God made in me

I know longer shudder when I hear footsteps come through the room

I no longer find security behind the sofa or hiding in the closet behind the broom

For my mom has brought me to a safe place where we can now grow

The staff and volunteers are friendly, and they love me, you know

They teach us about the Bible, share with us new tools,

They make us sweet treats and guide us, and we get special prizes when we've been following the rules

We have a special park where we can rip and run everyday

Acres of Hope is a special place where me and my mom have a home and they don't send us away

We've found where we belong until we grow strong and can stand

Now I am free to be a kid, thanks Acres of Hope for lending us a hand. 


Acres of Hope is transforming the lives of women and children to break the cycle of homelessness. You can get involved today, and be a part of helping Acres families have a fresh start. 

Visit: acresofhopeonline.org or Call 530-878-8030