Where We Have Been: An Acres of Hope Poem

We held our heads in shame, as we faced society

We dared not make eye contact for fear of what others would see

We covered our bruises, we painted over our scars

We pretended not to ache, instead we smiled because we've come so far

We were given to systems, shuffling from home to home

Couch surfing, told we deserved it, when we felt most alone

Some of us packed our baggage and we carried it to a bridge

Put up our tents and stole food to provide for our kids

We were judged and so we hid,

No one came close to hear the stories we lived

Some of us saw suicides, some saw addictions

Some saw abuse, and family frictions

We forged our paths, and did our best

To remain numb through the storms, and sail through the tests

There is a world full of people who have not been where we have been

So everyday I thank God for Acres of Hope who stepped in to help us find our way again.


Acres of Hope is helping homeless women and children break the cycle of homelessness. You are invited to come close enough to hear the stories behind the scenes. You can find out where our Acres of Hope families have been and help make sure they never have to go back. Set up a time to come tour our beautiful campus, and see how you can get involved in changing lives.

Visit: acresofhopeonline.org or Call: 530-878-8030