Little Hands

Little Hands I am so thankful that you will never know

The obstacles I faced, trying to find a safe place for you to grow

You will know life outside of searching for a home

You will be raised with care, and never be left alone

You will know love, joy and peace,

You will have good food, and stability

Little hands I love you, and I am doing my best

I am renewing my life, so no weight will be carried around on your chest

I am your mom little one, and it's my job to keep you safe

Provide for you and guide you, that's my role, and my place

Little hands I am here for you, and will always be

Thanks to Acres of Hope for giving a big hand up to you and to me.

Acres of Hope is a place where the cycle of homelessness is broken for women and children who seek a path of renewal and transformation for their lives. The families of Acres of Hope are able to pass on to the next generation a life of true joy, patience, and love. 

Get involved today and help families break the cycle of homelessness

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