The Lives You've Saved

A baby kicking in the womb. A woman who was contemplating if she could take anymore of what life was throwing at her. A child closing his eyes and plugging his ears, to silence out the world. The woman who is looking for a fresh start after recovering from a life of addiction.  These are the stories of lives you have helped save. 

Each day at Acres of Hope we feel so grateful for the lives that have been saved and rescued from various experiences that women and children entering the program have made it through. Everyday the women and children of Acres of Hope get to experience love that contagiously is extended from the volunteers and staff, to the Acres families which then impacts those who come in contact with the residents. Every dollar you donate, every minute you spend volunteering, every time you share about Acres of Hope to a friend, or those who get their church, and community groups involved, you are helping us save and transform lives. We couldn't see lives transformed in such a powerful way without your gracious love and kindness to our families. 

We just wanted to take a minute to say thank you for helping Acres of Hope save and redeem lives. 

To get involved today,

Visit: or call 530-878-8030