Twas the Last Day of Summer Break

Twas the last day of summer break and a boy sat on the couch

Reflecting on his season off, in the big Acres of Hope house

His days were filled with wonder, and each memory brought a smile

For he had done so much, and school would be starting in a little while

He ran, jumped, and played, with his brother and his sister

He went to amusement parks, and rode on rides that were a twister

He went on fun trips, and ventured new trails

Created new memories as each day his family prevailed

He got to enjoy his life, as he grew more in his stature

He practiced new life skills and tools he set to master

His family was continuing to grow healthy and strong

He would be loved and begin school with a caring send off

He would have his lunch packed, and his supplies for class

He would have all his paperwork filled out when the teacher asked

As the evening set in and his mother asked him to remember

The events of the summer that will be a part of their new found stories, forever

That little boy remembered a summer filled with glee

While all the time living in safety and stability

He swam in lakes and treaded water in pools

He grew a lot as he learned new skills and tools. 

He petted the animals when they went to the zoo

His imaginations grew as FairyTale Town revealed dreams do come true

But when he was asked what was the greatest summer moment of them all

He proudly whispered, "hanging with my mom, I can't wait until fall"

Acres of Hope provides a safe and stable place where women and children breaking the cycle of homelessness get an opportunity to truly live outside of a life of trauma. Acres of Hope families get to experience a life where they have a home, and can grow together as a strong and healthy family. The memories created and shared are building new lasting traditions for families seeking a life beyond what they had previously known. 

You can be a part of creating the stories and traditions of Acres of Hope families.  Like the many wonderful people that have impacted their lives this summer, you can have an impact.

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