Career Women: From Homeless to Hired

When women come into Acres of Hope with their children they are coming with the desire to be independent, to be successful, to break the cycle of homelessness. They have come from histories of trauma, neglect, and instability. Some have never been employed or have never been equipped with the proper tools to gain employment. When a woman has come from a background of survival, street smarts are what get her through the rough years of her life. In order to help her to stand in today's job force someone must step in and teach her there is another path to go down. As a village that raises up a person, we can raise up women who have had no true foundation for being raised themselves. We can begin to ask the questions that will inform us of the barriers preventing a woman from becoming employed. In doing so, often enough we will hear the stories of tragedies and trauma. We hear the stories of a woman passed from home to home, tossed into a system of handouts without a true method of raising her up. 

At Acres of Hope women practice the skills they need to become successful out in the work force. With stable daily schedules, the women of Acres of Hope learn to put into practice time management. Each mother is engaged with the community at Acres of Hope where they get to practice good communication, conflict management, selflessness, and most importantly how to work together to get the job done. Volunteers from the community come onto Acres of Hope's campus and share resources, such as job skills, life skills, and career building tools that enable women to be equipped in resume writing, application filing, interviewing, and most importantly a strong work ethic that stands out to their employers. 

Acres of Hope women have made such an impact in the work force, employers are calling for more referrals. Acres of Hope is not just getting our women into minimum wage jobs, a high number of our women are finding careers above the base pay in their communities. Careers that allow them to support themselves and their children, careers with a future beyond just getting by.  As each woman steps out into the work force, we see the strength and courage of a woman of hope that has fought the good fight to overcome her past and the barriers keeping her and her children in homelessness. 

Acres of Hope women go from homeless to hired, and you can be a part of helping them succeed. Volunteer with us, and share a life skill, or job skill that can take our women to the next level of their lives. A life outside of homelessness. A life of hope.

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