A Tent Beneath The Bridge

Children laughing, delight in their eyes as they race to the park on their bikes. A baby taking her first steps as her mother claps her hands in delight. The smell of a home cooked meal filling up the kitchen, as the sound of toys played heavily against the floor fills the air. Yet a mother wakes up from her dream, and the cold breeze fills her nostrils. The wind brushes against the fabric walls, as the clapping sounds of metal poles sing through the air. She pulls back the flap to open the tent, looks at the tall, thick cement walls holding up the bridge above her. She listens to the vehicles that serve as her alarm clock in the morning, and she realizes she wants something more. She wants her dream to become a reality. 

We have all probably at some point in our lives been driving along, and noticed somewhere in the midst of our travels, a community of tents beneath a bridge. Perhaps our hearts for a moment became saddened. Perhaps we questioned the circumstances of those living in such a condition. However, rare is the moment that we have been blessed to hear the story behind the scenes. At Acres of Hope we get to hear the stories behind the scenes from the mothers who were coming from traumatic circumstances without a proper way to climb out of poverty, or the stability to enhance one's life. A pursuit of safety kept some of the women awake at night. A desire for survival kept them searching for freedom, yet a lack of resources would keep them in dire situations. For one mom, her place was in a tent beneath a bridge. Yet who knew her dream would come true when she found out about Acres of Hope. 

At Acres of Hope women and their children who have experienced the insecurity, and lack of resources needed for basic survival, are given the help needed to tear down barriers and break the cycle of homelessness. They leave their broken circumstances to dwell in their own cottages for up to two years. They are equipped to achieve employment and grow into strong mothers who can support their children with their own funds that they have earned. They are aided in finishing their education. For women whose children were removed from their custody because of their bleak state of living, Acres of Hope helps them through with the process of reunification. They are taught life skills and mentored through a renewal process, that produces transformed families. 

From a tent to her own home, one Acres of Hope mother realizes her dreams have become a reality.  No longer does she play the game of survival while living in fear, rather she has grown into a loving strong mother who has support, a community, and a healthy balanced life in a home. Her family is thriving. She has come along way from living in a tent beneath a bridge. 

You can help Acres of Hope transform stories of survival into stories of HOPE. 

To get involved today visit: acresofhopeonline.org or Call 530-878-8030