A woman like me: An Acres of Hope Poem

Today is the day, Something has to change

I filled out the application, and God has called my name

Today I get to step out and change my life

I will fight to get my children back, that is my hope, my light

I didn't have it easy but Acres of Hope staff said they will give me a chance

They will walk this path of renewal with me, they will teach me to dance

They said, "we will walk through the barricades, we will tear down the barriers"

I'm clinging to the hope of new life, because my old life couldn't have been scarier

I am leaving a life of depression, violence and addiction

Abuse, neglect, and pain, and to all of that I say good riddance

God help me to be all that you made me to be

I have been trying so hard on my own, but it seems I am still wrestling

For I always believed no one could love a woman like me

Until the day when I got the call that Acres of Hope accepted me

Now I'll know love unconditional and a grace that is strong

That will bind up my broken heart and help me along

They gave me a key, and told me, "Welcome home"

I have this strong feeling no longer will I have to fight alone

I'm overwhelmed, I can breathe, and I now dream of who I can be

All because Acres of Hope said yes to loving a woman like me.


Acres of Hope is breaking the cycle of homelessness for women seeking a place to transform and renew their lives and their young children. Each mother is given a tiny home for up to two years where they can have the stability to look at the root issues that have brought her to a life of homelessness. She is then aided in finishing her education, gaining employment, reunifying with her children in the system if needed and given the tools and life skills to be a strong and independent mother who raises up her family to succeed in the community around them. 

You could become a mentor to a young mother who is seeking to transform her life. Make an impact today.

Call 530-878-8030 or Visit acresofhopeonline.org