A Family Like Ours

We have a home, and I never dreamed this day could happen

We were separated, my children in the Foster Care system and I felt rotten

I didn't have a place that we could call our own. 

I couldn't feed my children, we were fighting on our own

But then we heard about Acres of Hope, and I figured we should give it a shot

I was shown how to stand up, and my children reunified is what I got

We learned to live together and be a family

I gained life skills, and my kids have a healthy mommy

We have broken the cycle, and we are finally free

From the cycle of generations that walked in dysfunction before me

We have been transformed, and we have been renewed

Everyday I fought for my kids, which shaped my attitude

I knew God had more for us, and it came through Acres of Hope

I am so thankful that we are now strong, bound by God's yoke

For we can testify of the grace and love that was shown to us when life was hard

Oh yes, and we will never forget the renewal Acres of Hope offered to a family like ours.


Acres of Hope breaks the cycle of homelessness for women and their children. You can be a part of their transformation story by getting involved as a volunteer. If you have a gift for design or love helping customers, become a volunteer at our Renew Boutique and Home Store and create a warm and welcoming experience for shoppers. If you have a life skill or employment skill you can teach, feel free to contact Acres of Hope to share your skill with mothers preparing to step out into the world successfully. If you have a heart for children, come volunteer in our childcare center, and show love and compassion to children renewing their lives. 

Become a part of the success stories of our Acres of Hope families. 

Get involved today!!

Call 530-878-8030 or Visit acresofhopeonline.org