A Child Like Me: An Acres of Hope Poem

At Acres of Hope when I first arrive

Don't be surprised if I don't want to look into your eyes

I might feel safe in a corner or behind a chair

If you come close I may cower and get in a tight ball because I'm scared

I might be angry and express myself

Because somewhere in my young life, I was separated from my source of help

I may have nightmares, and I may cry tears

I might be afraid when my Mommy's not near

For I have experienced trauma, and I am doing my best

To function in a world that has offered me and my mom many tests

We have been searching for a place of safety and my mom says it's here

At Acres of Hope where we can grow beyond all of our fears

I already see it beginning because it's safe enough to come out from behind the chair

I can come out from behind the tables, out of the corners, and claim my share

Of love and support that's freely offered here

Maybe mom is right, it's time to stop the tears

Mom now reads me stories, and takes me to play in the park

We are no longer afraid when the lights go out and reveal the dark

My mom tells me stories of Jesus, and she sings songs too

It's something new that Acres of Hope taught us how to do

I believe we are changing, and we will be free

No longer will homelessness be a label for a child like me.

The children of Acres of Hope are some of the most delightful and wonderful gifts that God has given to this world. Yet in their young lives they have already experienced some of the harsh realities of this world. Everyday Acres of Hope seeks to restore families to wholeness, and the ability to breathe in the transformed life of renewal through the power of Jesus Christ. The children of Acres of Hope are changing each day into strong, respectful little jewels of Hope. They reveal the beauty of what can happen when unconditional love is poured into a life. 

Today you can get involved in transforming the life of an Acres of Hope child. Become an Angel Grandparent, and show our children that they can walk in the freedom they were always meant to have.

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