Freedom and Independence

Originally, July 4th was the day to celebrate America's separation from Great Britain. The founders of this great nation sought a method to part ways with King George and produce a free and industrious nation. The Continental Congress worked hard and actually approved a Resolution of Independence on July 2, 1776. That resolution was proposed by Richard Henry Lee of Virginia in June of 1776 which was a declaration to separate from England. The Declaration of Independence was the formal announcement of America's Independence and the text was approved on July 4, 1776. 

As we gather with our families, friends and communities to celebrate a free nation, a place called the "Home of the Brave" let us always remember the fight for our independence. Outside of the parades and barbecues, I hope we remember the ones who went before to pave the way. I hope we remember the sacrifices of our founders. I hope we remember the soldiers who fought for us to truly be free and independent as a nation. I hope that as we think of freedom and independence, we will remember those who are still fighting to be free today, fighting for their personal freedoms, such as the women and children of Acres of Hope. 

Each day the women and children of Acres of Hope are fighting for their personal freedom. Freedom from trauma, abuse, shame, fear, and grief. They seek independence from the destructive behaviors and cycle of homelessness that they have seen and lived. They seek a declaration of hope for a future that has the promise of renewed and transformed lives. Everyday they are doing the hard work to take back their lives, find the freedom to break the cycle of homelessness, and declare that they are women and children of HOPE. 

This 4th of July remember Freedom and Independence, and say a prayer for those fighting for the blessings of knowing personal freedom and independence from the things that have kept them bound. 

Happy Independence Day,

From Acres of Hope


To help the women and children of Acres of Hope know freedom and independence today:

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