Our Identity: An Acres of Hope Raw Prayer

Here I am hidden behind walls

Only to watch them fall

Cause I've been through it all

My pride keeps me standing tall

But behind closed doors

See me Broken

Choking on the past

Wondering how long a good thing will last

Never ask for what you need

To dismantle the disappointment of realizing the only one who cares about me, is me

Here I am God, trying to raise a child

When all the while

I find myself in need

My heart shed upon my sleeve

The Acres of Hope staff ask me to believe

I can be free from the chains enslaving me

Throw me a rope then

For I've been choking

On the tears that have been my food

Traumatic histories that were no good

I'm here God

Now you desire that I surrender

You promise to free me from being tossed in life's blender

Have you heard the cries to rise up and defend her

The beautiful woman inside of me

Here at Acres of Hope I'm learning to stand up on my feet

I'm learning to embrace all of me

I can see there's a jewel hidden inside

Of the beautiful person this world sought to hide

The Acres of Hope staff say I can break the cycle

Homelessness will no longer be my family's title

Here I am God, all of me, 

Please be my strength as I press on in this journey

Bring along warriors who will help us see

All we can be

As we embrace the day when the word homeless is no longer a description of our identity. 


Everyday behind the scenes the work of renewal is happening at Acres of Hope. The wrestling  of the mind between the old and new ways of life. The breaking off of strongholds to approach and attain true freedom and experience pure transformation. The women and children of Acres of Hope are taking the narrow road down the pathway of deeper faith, strong and healthy bonds for their family. The cycle of homelessness is breaking at Acres of Hope. 


You can be a part of helping to remove the word homeless from the description of our families identities.

To get involved call: 530-446-1621 or visit: acresofhopeonline.org