The Transformation from Screams of Anguish, to Squeals of Joy

Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these."   Matthew 19:14

The transformation of sounds at Acres of Hope is a powerful set of stages to witness. For children screaming comes so naturally for young ones who are learning to form words and expand their vocabulary. For the ones who don't quite have words to say screaming becomes a way to alert another person of danger, a need unmet, or to cheer for ones ice-cream offered for good behavior. It can either reveal a sound of anguish or a sound of joy. Each scream communicates a message that is meant to be heard.

Here at Acres of Hope we love watching the transformation of when screams turn to squeals. There are the screams when children first arrive to be residents. Screams for words their young minds cannot yet formulate. Their little screams reveal that something is going on in their world. Yet as each day passes and the children begin to trust, play, learn, and see that Acres is a safe place for them the screams transform into squeals of joy. Every moment that a mother gains new tools to put into practice and shows her child they are cherished produces squeals of joy. Every walk to the park, every healthy meal served, every hug, story read, or kiss on the forehead produces the squeal of joy. 

At Acres of Hope we recognized the trauma that many of the women and children have faced. We know that the screams we hear are a light shining in on years of hurt, abuse, and addictions. We see that in order to transform a scream of anguish into a squeal of joy we must learn to identify the pain behind the screams. We must come close enough to hear the stories, sit through the tears, bring comfort into the shudders, give tissues for the red rimmed eyes. Each day that our staff and volunteers show up and reveal true love and care, renewal blossoms, and the screams that use to reveal fear, anger, or sadness, are now revealing, joy, love, and transformation. 

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