Hope Looks Like This

"For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."   Jeremiah 29:11

     The seasons have been changing, and the flowers are showing their lovely petals around campus. There is hardly anything more beautiful than the sun setting between the cottages, as if Thomas Kinkade himself set his paintbrush to work right here on the Acres of Hope property. Yet, there is something so magnificent that outweighs it all. It's the moment a gleam shines through a mother's eyes. The second when her squeal reveals what hope looks like. The precious moment when a mother of Acres of Hope beams at her child in delight because she is doing the hard work of becoming a strong mother. It is the glorious glimpse of a paper waving through the air, due to a driver's license being attained. The sweetest of sounds, is the rejoicing of a mom who has done the hard work of learning skills to gain employment and lands her first job.

     Moments like these at Acres of Hope reveal the true beauty of what hope looks like. The greatest moments are when the deep love sinks into a heart who has needed it so much. The wonderful staff and volunteers who can show a heart battered by the world that there is a love that can heal. Hope looks like this.

    Each day at Acres of Hope we see the beauty of renewed and transformed lives. New families have come into Acres of Hope and the tide of renewal is set to move their transformed families into the next phase of their lives. They have left the broken road of their past lives forever and have paved a new path to their future.  As we witness another graduation, we see what hope looks like through the eyes of one of our Moms. She has done the hard work to transform. She has a great job, beautiful thriving children, and is again a part of a wonderful community of supporters. As she walks with her children across the bridge to their future, she stands strongly as a woman who has broken the cycle of homelessness. Hope looks like this!

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