They Came Home: Breanna's Story


    "Look and see, for everyone is coming home! Your sons are coming from distant lands; your little daughters will be carried home. Isaiah 60:4

    At 8 years old she sat down feeling the loneliest she had ever felt, her parents got divorced. Her mother quickly dove into drugs to calm the isolation and pain, setting an example for Breanna’s future. Breanna watched drug use, and a slew of unhealthy people. Along with those people came abuse, and neglect. Her perception was triggered by seeing the world through eyes of pain. She was broken. Living with her Dad she ventured down the path of shadows searching for light in the midst of the dark within her. Though her dad and her stepmom were good people she was lost. At Age 11 she was raped for the first time. Hanging out with other youth, she came across a man who showed her attention, and she ran to his comfort. This led to the screams that nobody would hear because the shame that left her in fear. She began drinking and smoking pot. At age 12 she was taken back to her mother. She dove heavily into drugs and dropped out of school. At age 14 she met her first child’s dad and gave birth when she was 15. After having her son, she went back to school, and graduated from high school. Her son’s dad however began abusing her as well. She didn’t know her worth. She finally got the courage to leave. She wanted to break a cycle she didn’t even understand. She was searching for love in all the wrong places, until her fate met it’s maker. At age 24 she met a new man, who was kind and gentle. At age 25 she had her second child, followed by her 3rd child 2 years later. Happy, she began to trust again, and she thought her world had changed. Until, she married this man, but was later abandoned.

The abandonment set off a spiral into life of severe alcoholism and fighting any who came into her path. She also allowed a man to come into her life who would abuse her, and set an example for her children of what it is to feel worthless. They watched her despair, and they watched her get beaten. Breanna dove head first into an addiction of meth. At age 32 her life fell apart completely. CPS Took her children, she lost her home, she lost her soul, and she lost her hope.

After many recovery programs, several relapses, and multiple transitional housings opportunities, Breanna decided to change her life after an encounter with God. She witnessed a car accident that left a life departed from earth. This shook her to the core and made her realize she needed God. God had purpose for her, and he was going to restore her.

For Breanna the seed was planted by a CPS worker a year prior to her pursuit of a life of transformation at Acres of Hope. Acres of Hope is a faith based renewal program that transforms the lives of women and children through the power of Jesus Christ. One night after crying herself to sleep Breanna wanted to be renewed, and in the early morning "Acres of Hope" kept repeating in her mind. She knew she needed to go after multiple encounters of revelation from God. The nurture, provision, and patience began on April 1st, 2016 when Breanna stepped onto the Acres Campus with the intention to transform her life, and reunify with her children who were residing in the Foster Care System. Breanna wanted her children to experience safety, stability, and a mother who could love and support them. During Breanna's time as a resident at Acres of Hope her dreams for her family became a reality. She was reunified with her children. The family went through the process of transformation, and they had a hope that could not be shaken. Breanna's family grew stronger together, and received the support they needed to move forward in their relationship with God in their lives. As Breanna grew stronger she wanted to give back and help other women and children break the cycle of homelessness. She got involved in volunteering at Acres of Hope, during and after graduating from the program. Breanna went through the training to assist with the Genesis counseling program for residents, and helped aid women through Road to Recovery courses. Breanna reflects on Isaiah 60:4 Look and see, for everyone is coming home! Your sons are coming from distant lands; your little daughters will be carried home. Breanna says this scripture is a testimony to her life. Her restoration was God came into her life and he brought her family home. He loved her when she felt unlovable. Breanna and her children have been growing up out of the fertile soil Acres of Hope has provided.

Today Breanna is an Acres of Hope Staff working as a Recovery Specialist. She helps women discover the root cause of addiction issues so God can water the positive seeds sewn and transformation can occur. Breanna is walking in the purpose she was meant to live out.
Breanna shared, "God definitely wanted us here to grow." It is an amazing opportunity to see Breanna and her family's life come to full bloom.

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