The Valley of Pain: The Journey out of Fight or Flight

Run faster than ever before, as far as my legs will take me!  Where I'm going, I don't know. Away from these feelings, nightmares, and fears. Am I running or am I frozen? 

Am I still breathing, or am I gasping for air?

My wounds have been reopened, my walls torn down, my open flesh beating heart has been aired out to the world, and I stand here soaked in tears.  Stricken by grief, all I want to do is feel numb again.  

Should I stay and fight or should I run?

Acres of Hope has surrounded me in love, encouragement and support. I realize that I am safe now, and encouraged that maybe this time things will be different. Perhaps, this time I can break down these walls. God help me.

As peace sweeps over me, I can see staff beckoning me on. My peers sitting with me to help slow down my quickened pace. It's time to move forward, though I am so afraid. It's time to face the areas I have left untouched. Now is the moment to put down the gloves from the places I've wanted to fight.

Stop Running, Stop Fighting. Start Breathing.

Real healing begins when a woman can learn to stop running from her pain. They begin working through issues and learn to avoid the instinctual fight and flight reactions. The women at Acres of Hope face, embrace, and walk through their sufferings with mentors and counselors who love them. In these "valleys of pain" the purest of gifts are produced. They learn to have compassion for others, gain courage, and joyous love is grown. Life is full of sunshine, happiness, rest, and peace, but there is also struggle, hardship and pain.  Don't run from it, embrace that part of your life too. There are beautiful things to be found in the Valley of Pain.

Each day at Acres of Hope lives are being renewed. Women who have been traumatized and lived in fear are breaking off old patterns to walk the path of transformation. This change happens through God's tender comfort and the workers he has sent to be his hands and feet in this physical world. 

Pray for the families of Acres of Hope as they walk through the Valley of Pain and continue on down the path of Renewal and Hope. 

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