An Acres of Hope Easter Prayer

  On this Easter day as we sit and remember,

The Resurrection of Jesus Christ and his invitation to bring us back home forever.

The Father sent his Son to be the Hope for the World.

He suffered, and He died, from what the enemy hurled.

On the third day He rose, from the stone cold tomb.

Resurrected is He, God who became flesh from the virgin's womb. .

Into a place of honor, where no more sorrows or suffering exists.

Seated at the right hand of the Father, as He continues to offer his gift. 

Each day He calls and beckons, and each day there is  a choice.

Whether we will listen to the world or follow after His voice. 

Today our prayer is earnest, for all who seek renewed lives.

We pray they would answer the invitation to meet Jesus in the sky.

We pray  for an acceptance of God's pure and perfect love. 

The source of true transformation, everyday we've been speaking of. 

Thank you for your sacrifice Lord, your grace and your love.

This is our Easter Prayer,  our Glorious Lord above. 


Happy Easter from Acres of Hope!! 

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