Learning to Live: An Alumni of Hope

If you were to meet strong, independent, and beautiful 34 year old Nichole today, you would never suspect that she was a graduate of Acres of Hope just a few short years ago. Nichole came to Acres of Hope in 2013 with the desire to learn to LIVE.  "If I hadn't come to Acres of Hope, I wouldn't be alive today", Nichole shared.

Before coming to the program Nichole didn't know how to raise her children. Growing up, Nichole did not have responsible parents, which left her feeling unable and ill-equipped to raise her own children.  Besides not knowing some of the basics of life, like cooking and cleaning, she didn't feel that she knew how to love her kids. She even struggled when it came to letting her children touch or even hug her. 

As Nichole went through her days at Acres of Hope, she went from looking at the calendar and saying, "Good, I made it through another day" to truly embracing life.  Nichole was being transformed and found restoration with her children. As she worked on the external things like learning to cook, clean, and be a responsible woman, she discovered things were also transforming internally.  By the time she graduated in March of 2015, she sought out the hugs, kisses, and special time spent with her children.  She learned to love as she learned to be loveable.

Today Nichole is a wonderful example of a Woman of Hope.  She has a career she enjoys working for the Auburn Journal as a Customer Service Manager. She has an amazing accountability team and a stable place to live. Best of all, she enjoys raising her two amazing boys and showering them in hugs and embracing them in love every day.  You see, at Acres of Hope she didn't just learn to live, she learned to thrive. 

Nichole did not remain feeling dead inside. She learned what it is to live and love with Hope. 


To get involved helping women like Nichole visit: acresofhopeonline.org or call 530-878-8030