Finding Forever: We Became A Family

Psalm 68:6 God sets the orphans into families...

      "I knew I had to be a part of her life. Especially since we had more than enough room for one more".

      Juliette Bickford had no idea that her visit to Acres of Hope would change not just her life but also the future of one of our residents as well. Juliette's first visit to Acres was with her church back in 2014. 2 years later on another visit she got to talk with a young woman named Andrea. The impact of those moments were potent upon her heart. She spoke with her husband and then her kids about Andrea. The family decided it was time to give Andrea a hopeful future in a family. Juliette committed to visiting, mentoring, most importantly being a Mom to Andrea. This is something Andrea has always wanted and needed.

      Andrea who is a recent graduate of Acres of Hope was a former foster child. When Juliette came to visit that fateful day, a staff member told her, "Andrea is a wonderful girl with a beautiful heart and all she really needs now is a family". "I have a heart that loves to help others, and I love being a mom so we welcomed her in", Juliette shared.

      The impact for the Bickford's and Andrea has been amazing. Juliette's children have learned that there are realities in the world unlike the safety and love they have known. It has made them want to make a difference in the world for kids without families. Andrea and her daughter now have family, and permanent support. Most importantly the love that has grown through the grafted family is a revelation that God truly does place the orphans into families.

       Juliette thought she was just coming for a tour and to share resources back in 2014. But God had other plans. He wanted to bring together people who would love and support one another. 


There are ways that you can be involved in the lives of our families at Acres of Hope

1. Become a Mentor for a Mom

2. Become an Angel Grandma or Grandpa to our youth

3. Become an Adoptive Family to our Mom's and their children


To learn more visit:  or call: 530-878-8030