Bring In The New Year With Hope

This year so much has been accomplished, because of the kind, and loyal community that you are. Acres of Hope has been able to witness mothers graduate from the campus into their own homes. We have watched as mothers finished their education. We glanced upon children taking their first rides on the school bus to their places of learning. We celebrated as several mothers began their journey into the workforce. We smiled and cheered with jubilant hearts as babies were born, and began to take their first steps. We watched as mothers who felt like they were alone found friendships, and forever families among their peers.

In the year 2018, we saw the cycle of homelessness end for several families. As the New Year enters in, we will see new families graduate from Acres of Hope. We will see new families figure out their value, worth, and identities. We will see new faces of children who will go from hiding to being embraced. New families will find safety and comfort inside their family cottages. New voices will whisper the words, “I’m doing this for my kids”, and “I never knew a love like this existed”.

As this year closes, and a new year enters in, this one thing will remain here at Acres of Hope, we will continue breaking the cycle of homelessness for women and children. We will do it, with the love and support of our community, who each and every day joins in the battle of helping Acres of Hope families.

If you would like to bring in the year 2019 giving women and children Hope,

Visit: or Call: 530-878-8030.