I Open My Eyes To Christmas Hope

I see them

My children laughing

Singing and dancing

Without a care in the world

My son, my daughter

Rejoicing in what Hope has to offer

Delighted, my boy, my girl

Hear the sounds of Jubilee,

As stockings are hung,

The children cry, “ MOMMY”,

While taking in the beauty of lights on a tree

Is this really my life, is this happening to me

My children are here, we have a home

We have a community, this year we are not alone

My whole heart could burst, as the children play

For this morning I opened my eyes to Christmas Hope,

As my cares drifted away

I look at my kids

I feel grateful for all that Christ did

To take our sufferings and sorrows away

Coming as a infant, and showing us someone would stay

Bringing us true Hope, that nothing could steal away

I see how that truth has become a reality

When I look around me and see our serenity

I listen joyfully as my kids sample candy ropes

What a day to see my life changing, at Acres of Hope

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