Panoramic View: A Mother's View of Hope

Very rarely do our lives allow us the opportunity to partake in a panoramic view of someone else’s world. We do our best to empathize from our scope of life. However, today I would like to invite you in. I desire to share with you the panoramic view of a mother, who has recently begun the process of renewing her life, and the lives of her children. The following are her words, from her panoramic view.

My Son: “You Are Safe Son"

"You are safe son," mother said, as she held and consoled her son who was bitterly kicking, hitting, and screaming into the air. What could she do? His behavior needed to be addressed. The next morning was brisk and cool, the sun still rising as she stepped into the child care building. "I have something for you," declared the child care teacher. “This would be perfect for your son who loves animals; I was looking for someone special to give it to."

From behind her back, came a discovery book full of animal projects to create safari animals. Zebras, lions, monkeys, and rhino paper figurines and backgrounds were included.

"Thank you so much," she said. In the afternoon, the smell of cheesy pepperoni pizza filled the dining room. "Son, look what the teacher left for you." He turned each page, to find all the animals and facts about them. With a bite of pizza in his mouth, he said, "this is the best day ever, I get a pizza, a new animal book, and one on one time with mommy."


Daughter's View: Mommy’s Here

The two-year-old girl in pigtails jumped and sang, as she danced happily around the playground. She climbed up the play structure. She put one leg above the other, and waited hesitatingly at the top of the green swirly slide. With a rush of courage and mommy in sight from a distance, she slid down. "Mommy, mommy," she exclaimed as she hopped off the slide and ran across the brown playground into her mother's open, outstretched arms. I smiled inside, I knew she had her mama.


My story: A Mother’s View

Her mind was dark and clouded with lies telling her, “she couldn't be a mom, she wasn't good enough.” Her actions reflected that. She was in fact lazy. Each day doing the bare minimum and lacking motivation. She needed a change, a sense of urgency and pride in her work as a mother was desperately needed.

Her move-in date was approaching. During her interview on campus, she could voice positive qualities she owned, not just the negative. While on campus her sense of inadequacy was replaced with a sense of hope. She was welcomed to a mommy boot camp, and she was excited to do it. "We are getting your cottage ready for you." It was the best news she had received in her life, especially as a mother. It would call for her to have discipline, and would teach her responsibility and pride through daily hard work. She would learn how to be a strong parent. Months passed, she stood a little taller. She could look at herself in the mirror directly and know, she was beautiful, she was loved. Her face relaxed into a pleasant expression. She practiced approaching each day with gratitude and forgiveness. She thought daily on good things, as her foundation was being rebuilt. She was challenged each day to grow. She was achieving success. Not only did she now have stable, and secure housing, but she also gets to share it with her son and her daughter. She has the opportunity to grow and thrive in her newfound community. 

The lives of women and children are changing at Acres of Hope. They are working hard each day to renew and transform their lives. Attitudes, behaviors, and inner belief systems are filled with hope, as a mother and her children walk the life changing road found at Acres of Hope.

We invite you to come and tour our campus, and gain a perspective of your own. Come view women and children in the process of building thriving lives. They are breaking the cycle of homelessness.

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