I Belong: Building Healthy Communities

“I never knew a love like this existed”

When I leave Acres of Hope I know I won’t be alone.”

“It’s so cool to see all the people that support us, they show us their love.”

“Mommy I want to play with Grandpa Joe.”

Quotes from Acres of Hope Women and Children

Behind the scenes at Acres of Hope, after you have sown your seeds of kindness and love, the Acres of Hope families are sealing in their hearts the memories of your support. From holiday meals, to raking our plentiful falling leaves, and everything in between, they experience your love. From the volunteer who drives a mom to her next appointment, to the Angel Grandparent who comes to play with the children at the park, they experience your love.

Acres of Hope women come to change their lives, often leaving behind old friendships and relationships that helped keep them in a life of dysfunction, abuse, addiction, and homelessness. When they arrive, they begin to discover what it feels like to be part of a good community that will help edify and encourage them on the path of breaking the cycle of homelessness for their families.

You are that loving, healthy, safe community.

Each day Acres of Hope families are blessed to have the support of you and your groups - churches, civic and community organizations, scout troops, men’s and women’s clubs filled with individuals who invest their time and care to show our families there is another way of life. It is because of you, the champions behind the scenes that our families are breaking the cycle of homelessness. Your time has shown our residents your love. Your financial contribution has provided the stability and met the physical needs to provide for each family at Acres of Hope. Your efforts to keep the campus in shape offers fellowship with our families and keeps Acres of Hope looking beautiful throughout the year.

The Acres of Hope families are experiencing healthy community life because of you. They no longer feel like they are fighting alone. They now know they have a place they belong, in all of your hearts. Thank you, thank you, thank you, for the love and support you show Acres of Hope families.

To be a part of the healthy community changing the lives of women and children breaking the cycle of homelessness,

Visit: acresofhopeonline.org or call 530-878-8030