Triggers: No longer Afraid

The time on the clock, reminds me of when it happened. The scent in the air, takes me back to the wet cement beneath the bridge. When someone says his name, it reminds me of the fear. My body seizes up, I want to run but I can’t move my feet. I want to scream but I can’t open my mouth. I want someone to see, but it seems these nightmares are locked inside of me. The triggers bring me back to the places I once knew.

At Acres of Hope we see women and children defy odds every single day. Triumph after triumph happens with each mile marker that is reached. It may be reunification with children, perhaps a new dish prepared for dinner, a bedtime story read at night, or a deeper understanding of God’s truth. Acres of Hope is transforming lives. However one of the most powerful moments revealed of transformation is when a woman or her child can say “I am no longer afraid.” When the things of yesterday that used to trigger responses of fight, flight, or fright are dismantled by the safety, stability and love offered at Acres of Hope. It is here that our staff and volunteers get to see lives transformed right before our very eyes. That is when their story changes.

I use to be afraid of everything, afraid of what would trigger me throughout the day, and make me feel like I was back in a place of pain or isolation. Now I walk freely, I take a deep breath of the air, and smell seasons changing. I look at the clock, and think, “Time to pick up the kids from daycare”. I hear footsteps behind me, and welcome the coming embrace from one of my new “sisters” trying to catch me to give an encouragement that spurs me onward. Those old triggers have died down, and my children and I are the evidence of Hope lived out.

To be a part of seeing triggers fade away and hope sprout forth,

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