Every Success Story Starts With A Dream

She opens her eyes. Like crystals glistening beneath the noon day sun, the sparkle of hope breaks through. The reality of all she can be sets itself deep within her heart. It's an anthem that her past, her former fears, and pain can no longer silence. Her transformation is apparent. Her renewal is intriguing to those still lost. She pulls out her list that she has been marking off. Education, check. Job, check.  Kids reunified, check. Record expunged, check. As she looks down at her list she releases the deepest of sighs. She has done it; she has worked the process. She has fought the good fight. She will graduate from Acres of Hope. She walks over to her bed and listens to the sounds of her children playing. Seeing their mother resting, the children run and leap into her arms. She looks at each of them and whispers with hope in her heart, our dreams are now a reality. 


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