An Acres of Hope Story: Unchained, She's Free


The sound of the chains striking the ground
         Is the war cry of freedom from what kept her bound

                             She use to know isolation, caged in everyone's secrets
                                   Yet now she runs free, and her joy cant be depleted

Her mouth was sealed
Her heart revealed
Wounds and shadows of a life left unhealed

          Rain soaked her pillow, from storms eyes only could give
                        Her agony left her cold, as she searched for a reason to live

                                              Desperate for solace, a comfort beyond herself
                                                            She sought renewal, and transformation
                                                                     A breaking from her old self

She needed a love that she had never known
           She needed seeds of protection that had never been sown

                              She desired a place that was stable where she could grow
                                 She looked to the Rescuer, crying, tell these chains to let me go

Peace and certainty is what she found
          As the chains began to crumble and they sounded off upon the ground

                 Warriors came forth and fought at her side
            To wage war with the barriers that tried to hold her inside

                                            The barricades that had been built by her pain
                        Also from the shadows she had always known, when she was in chains

Until the day when a sweet soul brought in a light, an ax, and a rope
To cut off the strongholds, bind up her broken heart, and lead her to Acres of Hope

                                      She's free, and she will never be the same.