My Daughter Will Know, An Acres of Hope Story

No one could have known the feeling, the shock, the excitement, the realization, that her life was no longer the same. The moment a mom who has struggled, now overcomes. She wins back custody, wins back the title of full time Mom. "My daughter will know I fought for her" she utters, believing it in her core. Fear has grown silent, and now this new place, of HOPE. Acres of it. Is hope really for me. What do I do now? This is all so new to me, she thinks to herself. Then once again the shock, the shock that God answers prayers. That in doing so the lie that God doesn't care about her is extinguished. The fact that she has people fighting on her behalf and speaking of her character and integrity, overwhelms her. But she is reminded to sit back, enjoy the moment, and take it in. Hold onto the good, hold onto the truth, that God cares about his children. That she can have a Hope Unleashed. 

I believe hope, because I see the fruit of it everyday