You're Safe: Settling In

         On Saturday the mothers here at Acres of Hope joined together for some quality time. The kids laughed and played. The chores were completed. The air was filled with the smell of brownies. Finally, the group of women gathered in the family room for an inspirational film.

         Glancing around the scene, seeing the contentment on each mother's face was bliss. They have security, warmth, and the ability to know they are safe. At Acres of Hope, mothers come in with stories of pain, abuse, and abandonment. Yet when they arrive at Acres, they receive security, commitment, community, and love. They receive a key to a home they can call their own. They have the basic necessities of life provided, thanks to amazing volunteers and donors like you. Mothers at Acres of Hope receive the support of mentors, counselors, and a staff team that does all they can to come alongside of them. They make sure our families know they are safe, supported, and loved. Accountability helps them move forward in their lives. They are given encouragement for each feat they accomplish.

       Acres of Hope is a safe place for our families to settle in. Thank you for helping Acres of Hope give our residents a hopeful future.